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Continuing Education

Recovery Resources is a comprehensive resource for clinician’s seeking continuing education hours necessary to maintain your current certification. We are dedicated to improving the standards in our profession by educating our staff and other alcoholism and addiction treatment professionals or licensed individuals wishing to enhance his or her practice

Continuing Education Courses for Addiction Professionals

Don’t have the time or budget to attend a conference?

You can earn CE’S with the click of a mouse or the turn of a page. We offer many new opportunities for professionals to expand their knowledge of alcohol and other drug addiction prevention, education, and treatment.

  • View the complete list of online courses. CE hours are available for most courses.
  • Read and learn from expert authors, take the included CE test, mail it in and receive your CE hours.
  • Take part in upcoming live Webinars or view our popular archived webinars—then take a simple learning assessment to earn CE’S from NAADAC or CCAPP.
  • Learn about our full menu of curricula training’s. Participants receive CE’s necessary for re certification
  • Earn continuing education hours all from the comfort of your home or work. Our resources showcase the vast array of tools we provide to enhance your knowledge base and update your certification/licensure with the latest science and evidence-based practices.

Choose from these topics

Addiction Treatment

This course collection covers a wide variety of topics in the intervention, treatment and recovery management of alcohol and other drug addictions. Presented by leading researchers in the field, these courses provide the latest tools and resources to help you in your treatment work.

Grief & Substance Abuse – How to Cope After a Loss

Losing someone you love is one of the most painful trials life can throw your way.  It’s common to experience a range of emotions, from denial and anger to sadness and despair.  Some, however, will turn to alcohol or drugs in a desperate attempt to numb the intense pain, sadness, and grief that so often follow a major loss.  Unfortunately, for some, self-medicating emotional pain can lead to the development of a alcohol or drug addiction.  Click below to learn more how Recovery Resources can help you with your grief.


Six (6) Continuing Education Ethics hours are required each certifying year for CCAPP certification.

Risk of Prescription Addiction

Brief decription of Risk of Prescription Addiction here.

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