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Recovery Resources
Alcoholism Treatment Program & Drug Addiction Treatment Center

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Our 8 week intensive outpatient treatment program
includes both didactic and process group sessions
as well as weekly individual sessions.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

With family education, support groups and treatment, Recovery Resources can help your family overcome the many issues that can often block a full family recovery.

Family Treatment

Adolescents will normally be very secretive about their initial experimentation with alcohol or drugs; however, there are definite signs and symptoms to look for if you suspect your child is developing a drug or alcohol problem.

Adolescent Treatment

The Department of Transportation requires a “DOT”, “SAP” assessment to be performed by a qualified certified “SAP”.  Our agency can be contracted by any employer or employee that is need of SAP services for the completion of the “RETURN TO DUTY” process.


Our Founders

Recovery Resources was founded on April 1st 1999 by Rick and Jerri Thompson. They were not strangers to the recovery field. At the time, they had a combined total of over 20 years experience in the treatment of  Alcoholism and Addiction Treatment.

Recovery Resources staff has grown to a team of qualified professionals. With its capability to provide a variety of recovery services, the facility continued to expand its role in the treatment of  Alcoholism and Substance Use Dependence.

In addition to offering certified  D.O.T. assessments, Recovery Resources contracts with multiple local school districts to provide a variety of services including programs for alcohol and drug education and prevention, tobacco education and cessation and on site drug testing.

Jerri Thompson CADC-II, ICADC, NCAC-I, SAP

Jerri has been certified since 1998. Jerri gained her experience working as a family service coordinator for the Tulare County Alcoholism Counsel, Visalia, California and a chemical dependency counselor for Sierra Recovery Services in Lindsay, Calif. She is currently the Director of Recovery Resources Adult Services.

Jerri is also a Substance Abuse Professional (S.A.P.) certified by ICRC and NAADAC to perform DOT assessments.  

Among all of Jerri’s certifications, Jerri has also developed a perinatal program, a drug court program, a recovery court program and a women’s treatment program.  She has also contributed to the book titled “Drug Courts a New Approach to Treatment and Rehabilitation,” with Judge Glade Roper.

Jerri has spoken at numerous speaking engagements at the University of Utah School of Alcohol and Drug.  She continues to accept speaking engagements and can be reached at info@recovery-resources.net.

Rick Thompson CADC-II, ICADC, NCAC-I,  SAP

A substance abuse counselor for adults, adolescents and families for since 1988, Rick has served in that capacity at both Pine Recovery Center and Turning Point Youth Services in Visalia, CA. He had also been the adolescent program coordinator for Sierra Recovery Services in Lindsay CA. Rick is currently the Director of Adolescent Treatment Services for Recovery Resources and former CEO of A S.T.E.P., Inc.

Recovery is Our Mission

The Recovery Resources mission is to provide quality, ethical services for the treatment of alcoholism and chemical dependency. Recovery Resources is dedicated to providing affordable, individualized solutions to problems associated with alcohol and drug use. The goal of Recovery Resources is to liberate sufferers from the chains of addiction and assist them in the process of rebuilding their lives.

Has your family life been disrupted or damaged because of alcohol or drug use?

Alcoholism and Substance Use Dependence can have a devastating impact on families. It is no wonder that Alcoholism and Substance Addiction have been referred to as “The Family Disease.”  Finding the right  treatment program  in Visalia, CA. that can provide your loved ones with the proper treatment is critical.  With family education, support and treatment, Recovery Resources can help your family overcome the many issues that can often block a full family recovery.

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